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Tours in Jordan
Classic Jordan
Visit all the Highlights of Jordan in only 8 days.
Eco & Nature
Explore the beautiful and diverse nature of Jordan.
Horse Riding
Ride through impressive breathtaking desert landscapes.
Meteor Shower Horse Tour
Combine your visit to Jordan with the spectacular Meteor Shower, a once in a year natural event.
Cycling Tour
Explore the beauty of Jordan by bike including visits to Jordan’s Highlights and less famous places such as the Himma Hot Springs.
Diving From Shore
Discover the coral reef of the Red Sea with this 8 days program.

Experience the beauty and culture of the Middle East with a tour to Jordan using Jezra Travel


Jordan is a country teeming with rich history and culture. Tours in Jordan allow you to truly immerse yourself in a unique vacation that features bits of hiking, adventure, culture, relaxation and nature.

It is a country that holds many customs and traditions that you can only find in Jordan. A tour in Jordan opens you to a world of discoveries and new experiences. For example, due to its distinctive location, Jordan has become a melting pot of cultures and beliefs over the years. The Western culture has provided its own cultural influences on the country, with the popularity of Western sports such as football and basketball.

On the other hand, a tour to Jordan would also open your palate to a wide variety of culinary delights. The local cuisine is a collection of various fares from different countries surrounding Jordan, including Egypt, Syria, Turkey, and of course, from Jordan itself.

There are various street cafes scattered around the city, with courteous and friendly staff ready to cater to your needs. The weather and temperature also create a nice environment for a relaxing dinner outdoors. Enjoying a simple meal while seated in soft and comfy chairs outside is a great way to absorb the sights and sounds of the city.

If you are planning on visiting different countries in a single trip and have a limited schedule, a week-long trip to Jordan could allow you to pack the experience into a short duration, concentrating on the country’s famous highlights. However, a lot of the tourist sites in the country are difficult to reach by public transportation alone. If you truly want to have an authentic Jordanian experience and enjoy every moment of it, let us from Jezra Travel create a custom-tailored program for your Jordan trips.

Our tours in Jordan give you the opportunity to see and experience the famous Dead Sea. It is an exhilarating experience that is like no other – one you can only truly understand if you go there yourself and float in its salty waters.

If you have spare time, our tours in Jordan also allow you to explore the surrounding area of Little Petra (also called Beidha) on horseback. Discover the beautiful ancient sand stone scenery with stunning views.

Vincent and nathalie leus – vandamme
I’d like to thank you for the perfect tour wich went all well Our driver Mohamed ( who we called George because everyone has the name Mohamed in yourcountry ) was always on time and helped us where he could .The hotels were very good to perfect ; if there’s one that we would change was the holiday inn on the dead sea ( too crowdy and there was a wedding on Friday)
Ellis Buis & Lizet Ketelaar
We really had an unbelievable week, with very warm reception by Rami and Rathip (I’m sorry, we don’t know how to write their names right…..) in Petra, our visit to this impressive city, and four amazing days with Eid, Taha and Jehad in the mountains and the desert. Everything was well taken care of, with tasty food thanks to Jehad .
Guy Bond 
I just want to say thanks so much for all your help whilst I was in Jordan last week. The endurance race was a wonderful riding experience. I had a fantastic time, and although I did better than I ever expected to in the race the real credit goes to my horse.. He was a total star.!!